Color print (Flexography)
Flexo print
We offer Flexo Printing with maximum of 2 colors. Different sizes of printed cup sleeves are available. Please refer to our Plain Cup Sleeves Catagory for all our available sizes. Custom designs are always welcome.
Custom size and printing is welcome
Showcase Gallery
  • Offset print open item
  • Offset print custom design
  • Flexo print open item design
  • Offset print
  • Flexo print
  • Corrugated surface
  • WL-520/522
  • WM-512/516
  • WS-510
  • BS-510
  • BM-512/516
  • BL-520/522
  • B512-522
  • CT-3502HW
  • CT-001
  • CT-004RP
  • CT-4503
  • CT-002RP
  • CT-3504
  • CT-3504HW
  • CT-4505
  • Paper cups
  • Lids & stirrers
  • Special packaging
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Company Name: Poly Linker Limited
Address: Flat D, 4/F, Block 3, Yau Tong Industrial Building,
No. 2 Sze Shan Street, Yau Tong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Contact Person : Fion Chan / Jenny Fong
Country : Hong Kong, SAR
Telephone : (852) 2775 8032
Fax : (852) 8148 2090
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